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Our Process

From day one, working with Diamond is an open, collaborative experience. Together, we deliver the highest level of service and personal attention. This individualized experience will guide you through every step as we bring your new home to life.

1. We meet.

Whether in person or virtually on screen, we listen to your goals and vision. And we learn about your expectations for timeframe and budget. We will also share our professional insight on how to fulfill your wishes in the most advantageous way.

2. We develop a plan.

Our team of architects contributes their ideas to yours and ours. Next, we generate a preliminary cost estimate consistent with your desired level of finish. Finally, we establish a schedule and gather more details.

3. We post the contract.

Our sales department passes the contract to the project manager who guides you through the rest of the process. We finalize the scope of work, draw plans for permitting and begin the selection process for finishes and materials.

4. We start construction.

Open communication is how we develop trust. As we customize your home, we hold biweekly progress meetings where we review the budget parameters, selection status and construction schedule. It’s peace of mind according to plan.

5. We deliver.

The home you’ve long dreamed about is finally complete. While performing a quality care walk-through, we explain our warranty services and estate management program, ensuring our relationship with you and your home endures.

During the building process we hired an inspector to review the workmanship on a monthly basis and there was never an issue with any of the inspections. We moved into our home in August 2014 and have been enjoying the beautiful workmanship. If we had to start over again, we would go right back to Diamond Custom Homes. It was a pleasure working with them.


Diamond Custom Homes built our dream home in Quail West. We interviewed several builders and decided to go with DCH based on their stellar track record throughout Naples building beautiful homes. We are ecstatic with the result. Also, Mike Diamond's support team was great during construction as well as after we moved in making sure every detail was attended to in a timely and professional manner. All in all, we have nothing but accolades to share about our Diamond Custom Home.


It is with great pleasure that my wife Laura and I recommend Diamond Custom Homes as a builder for your future home. Starting with Mike Diamond and with the help of his entire staff — the difficult process of designing and building a custom home was made significantly easier. The Diamond team showed a high level of professionalism and a particular attention to detail. They chose and managed sub-contractors extremely well. Their on-site management team was present everyday, overseeing and ensuring that every job was done with care and precision. When problems or issues arose during and after construction the staff and particularly the onsite manager was quick to respond and all issues were resolved to our satisfaction without hesitation. An overall masterful job — well done!


Diamond Custom Homes has uncompromising integrity. The Diamond team was very professional, very easy to communicate with, and very attentive to details and value. Steve was our on-sight supervisor and he kept an eye on even the tiniest details and made sure they were perfect. George let me know what was going to happen when and kept us on track as far as making design choices. He was delightful to work with. And throughout the process, Mike stayed involved, ensuring our satisfaction through every phase, including after we moved in.

We have been in our home a year now, and love it. Not only do we have a beautiful, well constructed and designed home (close to budget), but Diamond Custom Homes made it a pleasure getting here.

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